Survey Management: Putting Your Best Foot Forward during CMS, State, and Accreditation Surveys

Clinical Quality Insights

June 15, 2023

10:00-11:00 a.m. PT | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

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The best way to cope with adverse regulatory or accreditation actions is to avoid them altogether. Once your organization is threatened with the termination of Medicare funding or loss of accreditation, all bets are off: the organization’s entire focus becomes returning to the good graces of the regulatory or accrediting agency.

Avoiding such regulatory disasters requires two organizational competencies: 1. fundamental compliance and 2. effective survey management. Most of our monthly webinars focus on the former capability: fundamental, common-sense compliance. This month’s webinar will focus on the second essential capability: effectively managing all phases of the survey process.

After a review of the current focus of state, CMS, and accreditation surveys, our compliance experts will focus on:


  • Building relationships with surveyors and survey agencies in real-time,

  • Resolving survey questions and vulnerabilities before they fester into a big issue, and

  • Addressing survey findings without committing to unnecessary activities.

Join Lisa Eddy, VP for Clinical Compliance, Cherilyn Ashlock, Advisory Consultant, and Phillip Boaz, Senior Consultant, for this content-filled webinar that is a must-know for all types of survey organizations.

Recommended Attendees:

  • Quality and Safety Directors

  • Chief Quality Officers

  • Regulatory Compliance Designees

  • Chief Nursing Officers

  • Nursing Leadership and Middle Management

  • Chief Operations Officers

  • Chief Pharmacy Officers

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward during CMS, State, and Accreditation Surveys

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